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Vamos a Crecer Award. The media can contribute to mental health of citizens

Part of history, the law that created the Puerto Rico Board of Medical Examiners

the New "Junta de Licenciamiento y Disciplina Medica"

Health Care Reform according to the American Psychiatric Association (bilingual version)

Position statement of the APA on the concept of Recovery from mental illness.

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some of the original Psychiatry leaders in Puerto Rico

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healthy minds: new for public i>nformation | Analysis of Mental Health Program (pdf Spanish version only) | Organic Law, ASSMCA 1993
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The American Psychiatric Association is a national organization of physicians, founded in 1844 and whose 35,000 members (over 140 in Puerto Rico) specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders including substance dependence.

We dedicate this web page to the psychiatrists of Puerto Rico and to their patients, actual and potential.

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Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society
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